Got the Time Change Blues (originally published 3/13/18)

Essential Oils are great for energizing without the side effects caused by trying to power through via sugar high or caffeine buzz. Last Sunday marked the spring time change and the start of daylight savings.  It also somewhat painful as we all loose that precious extra hour of sleep. All of us were affected by the sleep deficit and it's effect on our bodies rhythm. I myself taught an early yoga class on Sunday, and later found myself napping later in the afternoon.

When that sleepy haze starts to drop in diffusing energizing oil like Lemon and Orange can make a huge difference in uplifting your mood as well as maintaining mental clarity. All the truly pure, citrus therapeutic-grade oils like the Young Living™ Vitality™ oils I use are also edible.  The citrus Vitality™ oils can be added to drinking water to enhance energy naturally. Diffusing Eucalyptus also energizes, and it helps tune in to deep breathing.   Breathing from the lower diaphragm helps ground and allows you to stay present and alert.

Taking time for light stretching or a walk around midday can be uplifting as well. This is also a great time to practice restorative yoga poses.  Poses like relined Cobbler’s Pose or Legs Up the Wall are both relaxing and also reinvigorate at the same time.  Spending 20 minutes in these poses combined with energizing oils equals an hour or more of deep sleep.  You leave your practice feeling incredible.  Using these techniques gets you ready to take control of the remainder of your day.  When you start to be in that funk, it is worth it to take time for a recovery day.

We are moving into the season of spring which represents renewal, fresh starts, and more light to get out and enjoy our evening sports and activities.  Relax first, use uplifting oils and afterward take time to enjoy the extra hour of daylight. #timechangeblues #marysgreatoils http/:/

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